Technology and Engineering Education - M.S.

Technology and Engineering Education

Master of Science Courses

30 Credits Required
The M.S. degree  in Technology and Engineering Education offers students flexibility in designing their own  program. This degree is designed for teachers of technology education and trade  and technical education. People with related undergraduate degrees are  encouraged to advance their careers through this degree. In addition to completion of the required Professional Core, students are encouraged to take additional supporting courses in other  areas that will help them meet their own professional and career goals. Most courses are available online some are campus-based. Most students in the program take two classes (6 credits) per semester. Students who follow this will be able complete the program in approximately 2 years (6 semesters). For more information download the Information Handbook or the Plan A & B Program Requirements. To get an cost estimate for your graduate degree go to the USU Tuition Calculator.

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Foundation Core Required Courses (12 credits total, each course is 3 credits and online unless noted)

Course Numbers Course Titles Semester Offered
Spring Even Summer Even Fall Even Spring Odd Summer Odd Fall Odd
ASTE 6090 Program Planning (Curriculum Design)     X*  
TEE 6100 Contemporary Issues    X***    
ASTE 6150 Assessment and Evaluation X
TEE 6450 Administration and Organization X***

Foundation Research Required Courses (9 credits total)

Course Numbers Course Titles Semester Offered
Spring Even Summer Even Fall Even Spring Odd Summer Odd Fall Odd


Introduction to Education and Psychological Research (3 credits) X** X** X** X**  X** X**
TEE 6960 Plan B: Master's Project (6 credits) X*
ASTE 6970 Plan A: Master's Thesis (6 credits) X X X X X X

Elective Courses (select 9 credits, each course is 3 credits and taught online unless noted otherwise)

Course Numbers Course Titles Semester Offered
Spring Even Summer Even Fall Even Spring Odd Summer Odd Fall Odd
TEE 5910 Inteliteck: Online Design Courses   X     X  
ASTE 6120 Data Analysis X
ASTE 6170 Program Evaluation X*
ASTE 6300 Advanced Teaching Strategies       X  
ASTE 6320 Classroom Management     X    
ASTE 6350 Safety and Risk Management         X*  
ASTE 6380 Mentoring and Supervision          X
ASTE 6900 Graduate Independent Study (Arranged) X X X X X X
TEE 6910 Experimental Laboratory X
FCSE 6950 Graduate Internship (Arranged) X X X X X X
ASTE 7500 Diffusion of Innovations X          

* Summer courses that are taught in the first 7-week summer session, be sure to check the USU calendar for beginning and end dates.
** Requires prerequisite: STAT 2000, STAT 3000, or PSY 3010. If needing to take the prerequisite, PSY 3010 is recommended. Prior to registering for PSY 3010, contact Debra Spielmaker ( to remove the PSY 3010 prerequisite block. It is recommended that you take this course your first semester in the MS program and enroll in EDUC/PSY 6570 your second semester.
*** Face-to-face, 4 weeks.

Establishing a Supervisory Committee
Graduate students must establish a Supervisory Committee during the second semester of their program. Students may choose their major professor (chair) and other committee members (minimum of two) from the CTE graduate faculty. To begin, contact the professor you would like to serve as chair of your committee. If she/he are willing to serve, then together discuss other faculty members who should be asked to serve on the Supervisory Committee. It is the student's responsibility to contact the proposed committee members to make certain they are willing to serve prior to completing the Supervisory Committee Approval Form. The form will require each members signature (collected by the School of Graduate Studies electronically). After your committee has been approved, please meet with your chair to complete the Graduate Student & Advisor Expectations form.

Program of Study
The Program of Study (PoS) constitutes a contract between the student, the committee, and the School of Graduate Studies regarding what courses a student will take for completion of his or her degree program requirements. Complete instructions can be found the School of Graduate Studies website. The Program of Study form is completed in DegreeWorks (a link on your myUSU page) and must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC, Misty Balls,, per the instructions prior to the end of the second semester.

Program Timeline & Expectations
Student may enter the program at the beginning of any semester. The School of Graduate Studies has compiled a checklist with links to forms that will guide you though your graduate program. The TEE MS may be set up as a Plan A or Plan B. Additional questions concerning transfer credits, continuous registration fees, time limits, leave of absence, etc., may be answered under the Graduate General Regulations or under Graduate Degree Requirements in the General Catalog.

Thesis - Proposal to Publication
The TEE MS degree requires a thesis project. Visit the School of Graduate Studies website to view/download either the Master's Plan A or Plan B Proposal Approval and Thesis Format and Styles forms. The Thesis Format and Style link will provide you with the guidelines and templates you need to format your thesis.