Laser Grade Test Schedule

Welcome to the LaserGrade testing scheduler for USU. LaserGrade and USU have cooperated in providing FAA approved computerized testing for most ratings for pilots and mechanics. These tests are available to any qualified applicant, USU student and non-USU students. Testing times are scheduled on an individual basis. All times are by appointment only. Simply signing up on the scheduler does not guarantee the test will be given, proper communication must be made. All tests are provided by the FAA. Testing procedures are in compliance with the FAA and LaserGrade to meet FAA standards.
YOU must read the matrix to see required identification, retesting information, and guidelines. The matrix also breaks down how many questions, time allotted, and passing score require for your test. YOU are responsibleto come prepared for the test with proper identification and endorsements. (Download the LaserGrade Matrix)
Here are a few items we would like you to know prior to the testing:
  • Tests are $150.00 per test (There is a $10 discount for EAA/AOPA members ask LaserGrade for it if you are a member.)
  • Endorsements are only valid for 60 days.
  • Retest of a failed FAA exam can only occur 1 FULL calendar day after failure (example failed test on Monday cannot be retaken until Wednesday.) NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Tests that are expired or failed MUST be brought with you BEFORE you can take another test. (Again don’t lose them or you will need to contact the FAA for a copy of an expired test before you can take another test.)
  • No programmable calculators are allowed.
  • International Students will need two forms of ID Please see the lasergrade ops manual for more details.
At the Logan-Cache Airport, in FL-10A room 112, Logan, Utah 84321.  A blue LaserGrade sign is on the door.
We are no longer accepting cash or checks. All payments for applicants (except USU aviation applicants) must be paid through LaserGrade Central office.
  1. Call LaserGrade at 1-800-211-2754 to set up the exam, you will need to ask for an OPEN DATE AND TIME test.
  2. They will give you a Locater number (4 letter 4 number), it is valid for 12 calendar months; any test not taken during that time and LaserGrade (central) retains the money.
  3. Set up test locally, by signing up below and calling the appropriate proctor 3 days in advance of required test.
Verify availability with proctor by phone, and a confirmation email will be sent back to you when it is approved.
1. Bring your photo ID.
2. Required endorsements (if needed, less than 60 days since issuance).
3. Expired or failed test(s) that is suitably endorsed. 
4. Locater number.
Sign up at least 3 business days prior to the test.        
USU Students - Download and complete this form, then print out form and bring it with you to testing center.
NOTE:  The Calendar below works best with Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari so we recommend using these browsers.  

LaserGrade Testing Online Scheduler

Click on the Date at right to chose date/time to make a request to schedule your LaserGrade test at least 3 business days or more into future. Click on an available time slot, then make your request for a 3 hour time period. A test Proctor must approve your date/time request.
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