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COVID-19 Safety Precautions for Flight Operations

Because of the infectious nature of the COVID 19 virus, and in compliance and conjunction with all precautions set forth by governing health organizations and President Cockett's directives for our campus community, Utah State University Aviation Technology has initiated a set of precautions and mandatory procedures for flight operations to avoid its spread and infecting students, faculty, and staff.

Standard Precautions

First and foremost, in accordance with Utah Governor Gary Herbert's request, and under the direction from USU Risk Management, all students, faculty, staff, visitors, and others entering USU Aviation facilities (dispatch, hangars, maintenance labs and bays, classrooms, simulators, offices, etc.) are required to wear a protective mask while on property. However, you do not need to wear masks while in the aircraft.


Before students can fly USU Aircraft, or even enter dispatch or any USU Aviation facility where other students and staff are located, they will be required to answer a questionnaire (found below.) If a student answers "yes" to any of the questions, they will not be allowed to enter dispatch or any USU Aviation facility. In addition to the questionnaire, an order of operations has been implemented that requires strict adherence to before any flight or entry to dispatch. 

Informed Consent Form

In addition to the Order of Operations and answering the questionnaire, you will be required to fill out an Informed Consent Form indicating your understanding that  participating in our flight operations may include certain health risks relate to COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, that there are inherent risks to participants, epecially those who are more senstive or have pre-existing conditions that would heighten the symptoms of COVID-19, and that it is your responsibility to take all precautions set forth by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the Utah State Health Department, Bear River Health Department, and USU Risk Management. Please DOWNLOAD the form first, fill it out, sign it, and then submit it using the SUBMIT button. You will find that form here.

Order of Operations 

  1.  Upon arrival, the student will be let into the building by a dispatcher or authorized personnel.
  2.  The student will then be checked in by answering the student check-in questions and having their temperature checked.
  3.  After satisfactorily completing the check-in process, the student will then be assigned an instructor office and airplane tail number.
    • No more than 10 people will be allowed in dispatch at a time. This will be verified by the assigned dispatcher prior to letting a new student in. If there are more than 10 people in dispatch, the students will wait outside in a line 6 ft. apart. Students and instructors will not be permitted to “hang-out” in dispatch. After hours flights will be approved and assigned prior to their flight block. Weekend and night flights will adhere to the same social distancing policies and procedures.
4. The student will then go to their assigned office in FL 9 to conduct all preflight briefings and activities with their instructor.
    • Prior to entering the office, the student and instructor will wash/sanitize their hands.
    • Upon entering the office, the student or instructor will be required to sanitize the computer, desk, door handles, and all other high touch areas in the office.
5. The student will then head to their assigned airplane with the sanitation kit to begin the preflight while the instructor turns in the weight and balance and gets the airplane can.
6. The first step of the preflight will be sanitizing the handles, throttles, stick, seatbelt buckle and strap, and G-1000 touch buttons.
7. They will then return the sanitation kit to the hangar.
8. After the preflight is complete, the student and instructor will then fly.
9. Upon landing and securing of the aircraft, the instructor and student will sanitize the high touch areas of the aircraft and then wait outside of dispatch for the instructor to hand the can over to the dispatcher and be assigned a new office.
    • If all offices are full, the instructor and student will be asked to wait outside or in the hangar while practicing social distancing.
10. The student and instructor will then go to the assigned office
    • Prior to entering, the student and instructor will wash/sanitize hands.
    • Upon entering the office, the student or instructor will be required to sanitize the computer, desk, door handles, and all other high touch areas in the office.
11. Upon completing the flight in talon, post-flight briefing, and logbook; the student will leave the airport through the backdoor of FL 9 Hangar.


In response to COVID-19, please complete this survey prior to entering the building

1. In the past 48 hours, have you experienced any of the following:
     • Fever
     • Cough
     • Sore Throat
     • Fatigue
     • Headache
     • Shortness of Breath
     • Aches and Pains 
     • Diarrhea
     • Vomiting  
     • Loss of Taste
     • Loss of Smell

2. Have you knowingly been in close contact with anyone who has exhibited any of these symptoms within the last 48 hours?
3. Have you recently been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
4. Are you currently waiting on test results for COVID-19?
5. In the past 2 weeks, have you traveled outside the United States?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please do not enter the building and advise dispatch.

For more information on Utah State University's Response to COVID-19, please go to


Aaron Dyches Airport Operations Chief and Chief Flight Instructor