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Requirements to Fly

Number one with wings

Obtain your FAA medical certificate

  • You can search for Aviation Medical Examiners (AME) here.
  • We recommend getting a first class medical (most jobs require first class), but you only need a third class medical to be a student pilot.
Number two with wings

Obtain your student pilot license

  • To obtain your student pilot’s license, you must fill out an IACRA form on the FAA’s website.
    • Create an account and fill out all the information you can. You can do this without an instructor. Make sure you keep your FTN number handy. This is what the flight instructor will use to pull up and complete your form.
    • You will need a flight instructor to finalize and submit your IACRA form to the FAA. If you would like to meet with a USU flight instructor, please call 435-797-7897.
Number three with wings

Provide TSA documents to airport student services

  • U.S. citizens will need:
    • A current U.S. passport OR
    • A current driver’s license AND original birth certificate OR original certificate of naturalization
  • International students will need:
Number 4 with wings

Review the USU Student Pilot Handbook

This handbook has information about uniforms, policies, and expectations. It should answer many questions (ones you have and ones you did not know you had).