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Summer 2021 Private Pilot at USU Eastern

USU Aviation is excited to offer AV 2330 Private Pilot Ground School and AV 2350 Private Pilot Certification as accelerated 9-week and 14-week courses at USU Eastern in Price, Utah. This is a great option for new freshman to kickstart their flight training. 

Course Information

  • AV 2330 Private Pilot Ground School (4 credits)—Price Airport
  • AV 2350 Private Pilot Certification (3 credits)— Price Airport

Course Checklist

We have a Course Checklist to answer many of your questions and to prepare yourself 
for the courses. This checklist is a document that will open in another window. 


For more information, please see our COVID-19 Flight Operations Webpage here


  • Admitted as a degree-seeking student to Utah State University (Aviation Technology – Professional Pilot Fixed Wing)
  • 17 years of age by course completion date
  • Read, speak, write and understand the English language
  • Have original Birth Certification and U.S. government issue identification OR current passport
  • Current FAA Medical and student pilot's license


  • Price Campus: May 10 August 13, 2021
  • Price Campus: June 14  August 13, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I do a 9-week or 14-week option in Logan?
    • No. The main runway at Logan-Cache Airport will be under construction during the summer of 2021 and we will not be able to support a private pilot course in Logan during the 2021 summer semester. 

  • When do I need to start my FAA Medical?
    • No later than March. We require that flight students have their medical in hand by the first day of class. If you do not, you will be dropped from both courses.

  • What medical certificate should I get?
    • We recommend you get a first class medical. Although you only need a third class medical to be a student pilot, we recommend getting a first class just so you know you can get it; most jobs will require a first class medical.

  • How flexible is the contact time for the courses?
    • It is not. Attendance in ground school is mandatory. Planes are reserved for summer program students.

  • What if I have a vacation planned during the semester? 
    • Don’t. Plan to spend these nine weeks in Price attending ground school and flying each day. If you miss days, it is unlikely you will complete your private by the end of the semester.

  • Are there helicopter classes available?
    • Yes! During the 14-week summer semester in Logan, Utah. Please contact an advisor for more information about the rotorcraft classes and how to register.


Kaylee Roholt Academic Advisor