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Please fill out the fuel reimbursement form, attach the reciept and return to dispatch

Fuel Reimbursement

Leaving The Program

Flight Program Withdrawal Form

Financial Aid

We realize that the price tag of education can be a little overwhelming. We also know that a professional degree is a worthwhile investment for your future.The advising team is available to answer general questions about financial aid, but we recommend students also speak with their Financial Aid Counselor. You can find your Financial Aid Counselor here

We also recommend all students complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Through FAFSA, a student can receive grants, loans, and work study. Completing the FAFSA also ensures a student receives the best loans for their unique situation. You can visit FAFSA to get started

Pilot Uniforms

All USU Aviation Students are required to purchase and wear uniforms.

A group order is placed for uniforms as a courtsey during the first week of each semester. Anyone needing new shirts, hats or flight jackets will need to submit the order form below. Payment for items ordered will be made when items are picked up. We only accept cash or checks. You cannot charge your Talon account. If you miss the group order, you may contact Image Matters directly as (435) 787-0557. If you have any Questions please contact Susan Crosbie at (435) 797-7896

Sizing Chart & Styles

Please Complete The Form

Please Complete The Form


Talon Training Part 1

Talon Training Part 2