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News Corner

April News

Welcome to the Utah State Aviation Jumpseat! This is where you will find the latest news and happenings in the program.


We are pleased to announce our new USU Aviation Jump seat, an ariel view of events and what is happening at the airport:

  • The last few weeks has brought fantastic weather, meaning most days are suitable for flying.
  • Dispatch, or the operations center, has increased hours to allow more flights during the day.

  • The above factors are making for some wonderful flying conditions, and many students are taking advantage of them. Because of this, many students are advancing quickly and students are going on check rides for new licenses and ratings every day.

  • The Utah State Aviation Program will soon be welcoming new students into the summer program. This summer program is a fast way for new students coming in to the program to work towards their private license. We look forward to all the future flight training!
  • We are expecting the ramp to be worked on from the middle to the end of the summer. This includes in front of our hangars at the¬†airport. This might slow down some flying towards the end of the summer. Please be aware of this and as we get more information we will share it with you.

Please refer to this page every month for news and updates in the program!