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Utah State University

CTE Academy

The CTE Academy provides pedagogical instruction for teachers at all levels to develop their teaching skills. Courses to achieve these goals will focus on the following five areas of study:

  • Methods of Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum and Program Development
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Classroom and Laboratory Management

Course Devliery and Fees

All the courses will be taught online with once weekly face-to-face meetings to facilitate discussion. Badges will be offered for each course.

Summer 2020 CEU

Below are the online registration options for the Summer of 2020.

USU Kaysville Contact

Melissa Thomas 
Academic Advisor
Phone: 801-499-5120
80 East 725 South Kaysville, UT 84037 

To make an appointment with Melissa visit, USU-Kaysville Advising/Melissa Thomas

USU Logan Contact

Steve Williams
Phone: 435-919-1286


  • Students register as non-degree seeking students.
    • You can submit a non-degree seeking application by going to Apply Now and creating an account. Once on the application page, make sure you scroll down to the non-degree seeking section and click the link there. There is no application fee and transcripts are not required. You should hear back from the admissions office in three to five business days. You will be asked where you intend to study - just select the most appropriate response for your physical location. Most likely Kaysville. 

    • If you would like help filling out your application please schedule an appointment with Melissa Thomas

  • The program has open enrollment within the semesters of fall, spring, and summer. However, students seeking entry in the last five weeks of any semester are encouraged to begin in the following semester.
    • The first round of courses begins May 6, 2020, with six credits offered for the 14-week USU Summer schedule. There will be six credits offered in Fall 2020 as well as Spring 2021.
  • Students earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), pass/fail credit for each of the five courses completed.

CTE Acacdemy Course Offerings

Course Modules



USU Articulated Course


Semester(s) Offered

Methods of Teaching and Learning: Levels 1-3 3 4.5 TEE 3200   
Methods of Teaching and Learning: Levels 4-6 3 4.5 TEE 4400 3  
Program and Curriculum Development 3 4.5 TEE 5220 or ASTE 6090 3  
Evaluation and Assessment 3 4.5 TEE 4210 or ASTE 6150 3  
Digital Tools for Learning 3 4.5 TEE 5920 or ASTE 6470 3  
Classroom and Laboratory Management 3 4.5 TEE 5910 or ASTE 6320 3  

CTE Academy to CTE Master's Program

The CTE Academy offers 18 credits of professional development coursework. These courses can apply to an AAS, BS or MS degree here at USU.  The recommended MS program is the CTE master’s programThe 18 credits are divided into 6 courses that will be taught 2 each semester including the summer term over the course of 1 year.  (two in the summer, two in the fall, and two in the spring).

  • Summer 2020 we are offering CAES 6300 and CAES 6150. These are CEU courses and when converted will come over as ASTE 6300 and ASTE 6150 respectively. 
  • Fall 2020 we are offering two additional courses that will be CEU equivalent of ASTE 6090 and TEE 4400. TEE 4400 only counts as an Elective for the MS program.
  • Spring 2021 we are offering the last two courses ASTE 6470 and ASTE 6320.

Each of the 18 credits can be applied to the MS program as shown in the chart above and will count as MS courses.  Through our partnership with the DTC we offer the course as CEU’s and when a student has all 18 credits completed they then convert them to the credit courses already offered in that program.  Taking the CTE Academy courses does not require being admitted to the MS program as they are courses that are available to any DTC faculty/staff.  When the participants get formally admitted to the MS program they can then convert the credits.  This means that we do not need to clear any graduate school requirements before they get started.