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Technology and Engineering Education Master of Science

30 Credits Required - Plan A (Thesis) 
33 Credits Required - Plan B (Project)

The Master of Science (M.S.) degree program is primarily designed for professionals in the areas of Technology and Engineering Education (TEE), and Career and Technical Education (CTE) who want to improve their knowledge and skills in such areas as curriculum development, research methods, current educational theory, and evaluation and assessment. The graduate program offers two options: the Plan A option that requires a thesis (30 credits minimum) and the Plan B option that requires a project (33 credits minimum).

All students in the TEE M.S. degree program complete a set of required “professional core” courses (12 credits) and a set of "foundation courses." Students will select electives that help them meet their professional career goals. The courses make be completed during a one-month summer program offered on the USU main campus or online during the academic school year. Following this scenario, many students can complete their degree in approximately 2 years. In this degree program we are able to accept 6 applicable semester transfer credits. To get a cost estimate for your graduate degree go to the USU Tuition Calculator. The USU Academic Calendar lists the exact dates for the beginning and end of each semester. The application due dates are as follows:
Fall semester start, August 1
Spring semester start, December 1
Summer semester start, April 1

Your application needs to be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies. Please allow 4-6 weeks for GRE score to be received by USU after you take the test and note the minimum admission requirements. The GRE is required for admission into the program. We will consider transferring up to six credits of gradute level courses from other institutions. If you have questions about this degree program please contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Debra Spielmaker.

View the application requirements and submit your application!

Coursework & Timeline

Students may enter the program at the beginning of any semester. The TEE MS may be set up as a Plan A or Plan B. To earn your degree in five semesters you will need to complete the Foundation Research Required Courses (see below) early in your program. See this recommended schedule for a fall semester start. To view course syllabi, go to the USU Canvas Syllabus Tracker website and select the semester when the course was last taught (as noted on the table below). When registering, please register for course sections that are close to where you live, if you are an out-of-state student, please register for section Z01. Additional questions concerning transfer credits, continuous registration fees, time limits, leave of absence, etc., may be answered under the Graduate General Regulations or under Graduate Degree Requirements in the General Catalog.

Foundation Research Required Courses - (15-16 credits total)

Course Numbers

Course Titles

Semester Offered

Spring Even

Summer Even

Fall Even

Spring Odd

Summer Odd

Fall Odd

PSY 3010

Psychological Statistics (Plan A; 4 credits, another statistics course may be substituted with approval)* X X X X  X X

ASTE 6750

Research Methods and Design (3 credits) X      X    

ASTE 6120/6800

Analysis of Social Research Data (Plan A; Prereq: ASTE 6750 or EDUC 6570 and a pass on prereq test)   X     X  
ASTE 6140 Reading & Applying Research (Plan B; 3 credits) X     X    
TEE/ASTE 6960 Plan B: Master's Thesis (3 credits) X X X X X X
ASTE 6970 Research and Thesis (Plan A; 6-9 credits) X X X X X X

Elective Courses (14-15 credits, each course is 3 credits and taught online unless noted otherwise)

Course Numbers

Course Titles

Semester Offered

Spring Even

Summer Even**

Fall Even

Spring Odd

Summer Odd**

Fall Odd

ASTE 6090 Curriculum Design (for formal educators)     X    
ASTE 6100 Research and Academic Writing***   X     X  
ASTE 6220 Volunteer Programs and Partnerships  X      X    
ASTE 6315 Career and Technical Student Organization Development          X  
ASTE 6320 Classroom Management     X      
ASTE 6370 Grant Writing and Management      X      
ASTE 6380 Mentoring and Supervision            X
ASTE 6900 Graduate Independent Study (Arranged, 1-6 credits - view requirements) X X X X X X
ASTE 6910 Experimental Laboratory**   X        
ASTE 6950 Graduate Internship (Arranged, 1-6 credits - view requirements) X X X X X X
ASTE 7500 Diffusion of Innovations X          
PSY 6570 Introduction to Education and Psychological Research X X X X X X

* Block must be lifted on this course if you have not had a previous statistics course. Contact Debra Spielmaker ( to have the block removed.
** Summer courses may be taught in the first or last 7-week summer session, some may be full 14-week sessions. Be sure to check Banner when you register and the USU calendar for beginning and end dates.
*** Highly recommended to prepare your thesis proposal.

School of Graduate Studies - Forms

Throughout your graduate program you will be required to download and complete forms on the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) website for submission to our Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC), Marci Chidester ( All forms can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website.

Establishing a Supervisory Committee

Graduate students must establish a Supervisory Committee during the second semester of their program. Students may choose their major professor (chair) and other committee members (minimum of two) from the ASTE graduate faculty or other University faculty for a minimum total of three members. Two of the members need to be ASTE graduate faculty. To begin, contact the professor you would like to serve as chair of your committee. If she/he are willing to serve, then together discuss other faculty members who should be asked to serve on the Supervisory Committee. It is the student's responsibility to contact the proposed committee members to make certain they are willing to serve prior to completing the Supervisory Committee Approval Form. On the School of Graduate Studies website, be sure to select the Master's Plan A Degree Supervisory Committee Form. The form will require each members signature (collected by the School of Graduate Studies electronically). This form must be completed during your second semester. After your committee has been approved, please meet with your chair to complete the Graduate Student & Advisor Expectations form. 

Program of Study

The Program of Study (PoS) constitutes a contract between the student, the committee, and the School of Graduate Studies regarding what courses a student will take for completion of his or her degree program requirements. Complete instructions can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website. The Program of Study form is completed in DegreeWorks (a link on your myUSU page) and must be completed and submitted per the instuctions to the GPC, Marci Chidester (, prior to the end of the second semester. View these instructions for more on submitting your Program of Study and revising your Program of Study.

Thesis - Proposal to Publication

This degree requires a thesis. Do not underestimate the time and effort that will be needed to complete your research and write your thesis. Near the end of your coursework your chair may recommend a preproposal meeting with your committee to determine if your research topic and questions significantly contribute to the existing literature on the topic. You must defend your proposal to your committee and if your proposal is approved you may begin the research process, which may include Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval if you are using human subjects. After approval of your committee (and IRB) you may begin data collection and analysis. Completing thesis research requires dedication and attention to detail. The Thesis Format and Style Guide are part of the ASTE 6100 coursework. To complete in a specific semester, plan to defend your research one month before the end of the semester. You also need to provide a copy of your thesis to your committee members two weeks prior to your defense.

After you successfully defend your thesis, you will need to make required edits and then have your thesis manuscript finalized by our department reviewer, Mary Ellen Heiner, who will do any final formatting or APA edits (costs for the final editing will be paid by students). Fewer edits will result in less expense in this final review. The final document will then be ready for submission to the School of Graduate Studies and to the USU Library. Details for Degree Completion and participating in commencement are outlined on the School of Graduate Studies website.


Planning to graduate, please inform the department GPC, Marci Chidester (, and complete the Graduation Application and the other required forms.