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FCSE Mission Statement

The mission of Utah State University's Family and Consumer Sciences Education department is to prepare successful educators to implement innovative techniques as they educate individuals, families and communities to live productive and healthy lives.

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Allissa Huffaker -Nebo School District

"USU provides an excellent FCSE program at their school. The students are supplied with everything they need to know in order to be come a teacher in the future. I had the opportunity to work with a student teacher that went to USU and she came into my classroom supplied with the knowledge that she needed to be successful. She was able to get a job soon after her experience in my classroom and is doing a wonderful job!"

Jessica Knotts -Nebo School District

"I have been so impressed with the quality of my student teacher from USU! She came in knowing not just the content, but also teaching strategies that are vital to being a successful teacher. Each day, I'm impressed with her creativity and skill-set. I would take another USU Student Teacher again in a heartbeat!"

Diane Bird -Nebo School District

"Thanks to USU FCSE program for preparing your students to take on a classroom of 30 crazy Jr. High students."